Zory Shahrokhi  
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Waiting (2000)


“In Dislocate , Zory ….hanged over a hundred spoons from the ceiling of a very small room in a gallery space. The spoons, which were bent and distorted, appeared suspended at different heights from the floor (see illustration). Viewers were asked to put on a blindfold before passing through the black curtain that granted access to the room. When they went into the room they bumped into the spoons, without knowing what they were, and heard the sounds made by the spoons knocking together. Apparently these sounds often remained even when the room was empty – lingering traces of the now absent viewers' presence.” (By Alex Rotas )


Titel: Dislocation


Installation view; Watermans Art Centre, London

Media: Installation

Hair, spoons and blind folder

Dimensions: Height 300cmx wide150cmx length300cm