Zory Shahrokhi  
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Masks (2002)


‘In video sequences the face may be never seen. Bound by bindings endlessly stripped away, there is always another layer of bandage or veil. These layers signify an inner-ness, a central something to be revealed, and as the layers swaddle the face and head these signify that this inner-ness is the self, the inalienable core, identity. Yet this is a self can never be found because it is always wrapped in yet another layer. The ambiguity signs both retreat and revelation, threat and the security of hiding. This is a self that can never be found by stripping away the layers because to strip away means to be outside, and the self can only ever be within. The sign of ‘stripping away' is frustrated by endless repetition, and becomes a sign not of revealing but of dislocation, the self, after all, is not here to be found. For whatever reason they exist, these veiled layers deny the expression of self because self is other than what is seen or can ever be revealed. Hands pulling away the veil/bandage are both and at once act of torture and desire, violence and rescue, but without the revealing of the self beneath we can never know what these acts mean.'

(Alan Peacock: Material signs and sign materials, 2005, Reactions to an Exhibition by Zory at 198 Gallery )


Titel: Masks


Media: video (Still from video)

Duration: 80 Seconds






Veil veil veil.2001 masks
veil veil peace dancing with wall