Zory Shahrokhi  
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Masks (2002)


Dancing with the wall

In this work she returned to the theme of the veil as a paradigmatic emblem of human enclosure and constraint against which the individual inevitably will resist. The brick walls within brick walls combined with the veil are seen here as a malign presences referencing the division of physical, political and psycho-social space: the separation of the inner from the outer world, the domestic from the public, the so-called third world from the so-called first world. Walls can, for example, function as geopolitical divides, whose resistance can lead to death (the Berlin Wall) and as sacred sites that can then also legitimately be fought over (the Jerusalem wall). They can block communication ('talking to a brick wall'), separate, contain, obstruct and imprison. (Edited by Alex Rotas)


Titel: Dancing with Walls


Media: video (Still from video)

Duration: 80 Seconds









dancing with wall
Veil veil veil.2001 masks
veil veil peace dancing with wall