'The Return of The Crows', No ~ 7-1/8, 2022. Etching. 10 x 7.5 Cm.
'The Flights Of Revolution Street', 2018-2023
'Where Are We?' 2007, Foundling Museum. Photograph by Richard Davies
'Flying" 20016. ‘Unexpected: continuing narratives of identity and migration’ Ben Uri Gallery.
'Where are they?' (detail), 2007. installation. ‘RSVP– Contemporary Artists at the Foundling'. Foundling Museum London. Pic Richard Davies
'Waves', 2007. Photographs, Installation and Short Video
'Danger Keep Them Away!', 2001-2007. Installation View:Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
'Veil',2001-2002 Photographs, Installation and Short Videos